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Case Study: Meadow Road, Neath.

Refurbishment and decoration throughout the interior of the property.

After the rip out stage, the entire downstairs area is plastered and a partial wall is created to hang doors. New doors, architraves and linings are also fitted on all entrances.

The utility room is freshly plastered and fitted with new skirting throughout and is now ready to be painted.

The living room doors and walls are painted with the first coat of emulsion. All imperfections have been filled to insure a smooth finish.

More prep work is completed in all of the upstairs rooms.

The downstairs rooms are prepared for painting.

The finished room.

Fresh plaster and newly installed woodwork and door.

The same doorway after painting.

Another before . . .

. . . and after.

Hall landing and stairs are prepared for the final coat of emulsion.

Painting is completed in the landing area and any defects are filled and made good to complete this project.

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